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Millennials Biggest Wine Consumers

Wine Marketing 101: Know Your Audience

Several weeks ago, the Wine Market Council unveiled their latest research on consumer wine consumption habits and the findings were that Millennials (those born between 1980 to the late 1990s) have taken over as the largest group of wine consumers in the United States. For many wineries who have long considered the Baby Boomer generation to be their target market, this new research might come as quite a surprise. According to the report, Millennials are not only consuming more wine, but they are also purchasing more premium and super-premium priced bottles.

As a winery owner it is critical to understand these trends, as they have can have a significant impact on your business. Have you spent the last few years catering to the wrong demographics? Is your marketing reflective of these changes? What changes do you need to make to target a younger population? These are all important questions to consider, if you have not already done so, in re-evaluating your annual marketing plan.

While a complete re-branding is not an option for many wineries, there are some small ways in which you can change your marketing strategy to reflect the most current wine consumption trends.

Go Digital

If your winery has no online presence, it should. As mentioned in a previous post, you really need to have a website to compete in the wine industry. Not only that, but Millennials (not to generalize) are ALWAYS using the Internet on their phones and tablets. Allowing people to easily access information about your brand and shop online for your product can make a world of difference for your business―because really, who doesn’t love being able to shop with a click of their smart phone?! That being said, if your website looks out-dated and is not using the latest technology, it is just not going to appeal to a younger demographic.

Utilize Social Media

This goes hand-in-hand with having a website. If you have a website, one of the easiest ways to generate traffic and increase your sales is by utilizing social media. If you can regularly create engaging content for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you are guaranteed to see a difference in your web traffic. Social media is a great way to promote winery events and sales, and with inexpensive advertising, you can target very specific audiences (think: Millennial populations) who might be interested in your products. Ad targeting has almost never been easier or as cheap!

Start an Attractive Wine Club

A Wine Club is a great way for wineries to have guaranteed repeat buyers. If you want to target a younger population, try offering tiered membership levels that are more affordable for a wider range of consumers. Hold events that cater to a younger crowd and not necessarily over-the-top fancy wine dinners. There are many types of events you can hold for your younger wine members―yoga happy hours, wine and cheese release parties, art and/or photography exhibits promoting local artists and even having live bands at events.

winery web design Oregon

Wine Marketing 101: Why You Need A Website

Almost every industry now has some form of online presence and the wine industry is no exception. Chances are, your competition has a website and if you do not also have one, you will never be able to compete at the same level.

An Inexpensive Way To “Advertise”

Websites are typically inexpensive. The more complex they get with shopping carts and fancy add-ons, the more pricey they become, but typically, it is a one-time investment (minus the cost of regular upkeep/maintenance and SEO) that really pays itself off. A website essentially acts as an easily accessible electronic brochure. You can use it to showcase your products and services at a fraction of the cost of print advertising, and you can reach far more broad of an audience.

As you probably know, nobody really uses the Yellow Pages anymore. In this day and age, people get on their computer or smart phone and they search for information―information that is readily available at their fingertips. If you own a winery, unless you are part of some well-known designated wine tour, potential customers might never find you. You need a website so people can find you, because most of the time (especially in wine country) people are not going to be “blindly” driving around on the chance that they might see your sign.

First Impressions Are Everything

A website also serves as a first impression. Having a beautiful website that is also informative makes consumers want to visit your winery and buy your products. It’s a great way to display your wines and/or merchandise, whether you have the capability to sell them online or not. Your winery web design is important because it gives potential customers an idea of what to expect when they arrive and can help set the tone for your brand.

In line with creating a positive first impression, you want your website to be unique. If all websites looked the same it would be really boring, right? Having different features such as virtual tours of your winery or estate, stunning photos of your property on the homepage and even a section on wine and food pairings are all things you can do to help your website stand out from the rest!

Choosing A Designer

We know this is not always an easy task and that is why Vinsight Marketing has made it easy for you. We are true web designers, with over ten years of experience in the fields of HTML website design, WordPress and CMS design. In addition to our winery web design expertise, we also are specialists in Wine Marketing so we know that the wine industry is very different from many industries and are able to accommodate your very specific needs. We work within your budget and timeframe to produce eye-catching websites that are, in combination with our search engine optimization and other marketing packages, guaranteed to increase your online presence, customer base and sales.

We can also register your domain and manage your monthly hosting. We proudly use Green Geeks eco-friendly hosting for all websites!

Contact us today for a free quote on winery web design packages (541) 632-3280 or ashley@vinsightmarketing.com.


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Social Media: Dos & Don’ts

As a winery marketing professional, I believe all wineries and wine businesses should take advantage of any and all free marketing resources. Most social media accounts are free, unless you end up paying for advertising (which you should be doing―we will get into that another day!). Social media is one of the greatest developments in recent times because it not only connects people more than just the World Wide Web alone, but it has also given companies a relatively easy platform to showcase their products and services to a much broader audience. I say “relatively” because I understand that not everybody gets it, and that is perfectly fine!

Here are a few simple tips to ensure your social media experience runs smoothly:

  • DO think before you post. Once you post something, anyone can see it. Only post what you are comfortable sharing with your audience.
  • DON’T post about politics, religion or personal beliefs that others might find offensive. If you must, keep that to your personal page―the last thing you want to do is lose a potential customer because of a disagreement on a political issue!
  • DO keep it strictly business. If you are running a winery, keep your posts limited to wine-related topics.
  • DO check grammar and spelling. No explanation needed.
  • DON’T steal content or photos. If you didn’t take it or write it, you probably should not be posting it. If you do post someone else’s content, make sure to give credit where it is due. If the owner asks you to remove it, oblige as quickly as possible, and with no questions asked! There are many great stock photo sites out there, such as Fotolia and iStockPhoto, where you can purchase inexpensive royalty-free images to use on your social media pages.
  • DO post frequently, but avoid overkill. Nobody wants to see twenty posts a day from you unless you are a news source. You do want to post frequently enough (at least once a day) to keep people engaged.
  • DON’T respond to negativity with more negativity. If someone posts a complaint or a negative review, it is best to respond in a calm matter to show that you care, and then get the conversation off of social media as quickly as possible and into an email or a phone conversation. These things are best left unseen by your audience!
  • DO post links back to your own website or blog. Social engagement is nice, but getting traffic to your website and increasing sales is even nicer! Social media is a great (and free!) way to attract more visitors to your company website―use that to your advantage!

If all else fails, we are here to help! Contact Vinsight Marketing to discuss your winery’s social media marketing potential and see what we can do for you! (541) 632-3280.



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Wine Marketing 101: Why You Need Marketing

When starting up a winery a few things are essential: You need a product and you need some way to market that product. Many wineries overlook this very important element in their initial strategy, which will later prove to be a big mistake. Sure, you might have salespeople to sell your product, but without marketing (either to distributors or direct to the consumer), your business is never going to make it in the competitive market. As more and more wineries pop up, competition becomes more fierce. Many wineries have to shut their doors each year because they could not keep up with some of the larger wineries, whose brand image you see all the time, whether at the supermarket or in a magazine ad or even billboard.

According to Wine Marketing & Sales, 2nd Edition, “For years, wineries have produced wine under a simple philosophy—to produce a high quality wine that will drive sales. Unfortunately, it is no longer enough to simply make good wine.” A wine could be terrible, but if it is marketed well, it will fly off of the shelves faster than it can be re-stocked.

The end goal of your winery or winery business more than likely is to increase sales and grow/expand. The way this can be achieved is through a strategic marketing plan that includes everything from designing an eye-catching logo to building a search engine-friendly website to creating brochures to send to distribution companies and exporters to sending your wines in to nationwide competitions and managing the press that might come along with that.

You need marketing because it’s the only way you can “get the word out” about your brand. More importantly, you need marketing because it will help establish your brand. If your product or service sounds just like every other product or service, it is not going to sell. You need to establish your brand and convey what makes your brand unique through creative marketing campaigns.

When starting up, most wineries cannot afford a full-time marketing professional, let alone an entire team made up of a Marketing Manager, Communications Coordinator and Graphic Designer. This is why hiring a company to handle everything for you will be the key to your success. A company will cost a fraction of the price of an individual employee, and will already have the resources in place for getting everything done and executing your marketing plan without any hassles.

Call Vinsight Marketing (541) 632-3280 to find out more about our wine marketing services.

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